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If something offends you in your house, get rid of it.”

October 8, 2017

tiles-bathroom-6.pngDr. Cedric said in one of his sermons, “If something offends you in your house, get rid of it.” I was tired of my bathroom floor and I began believing God for a new floor at little to no cost to me. One day I was led to write on my tithe envelope, “Bathroom floor.” Shortly after I began to sow seed for my harvest, the contractor who had done work previously on my home came by, and offered to give me some tile left over from a home on which he’d worked. The tile was in top condition and it matched my bathroom decor perfectly! I paid no out of pocket expense for my floors. Hallelujah! V. Moore



Check Your Mail Box!

October 8, 2017

white mailboxThe Word of God works!  Min. Antonio Gholston made a post on Facebook that read, “Money will be released TODAY!” I believed the Word that I was reading. I confessed, “Unexpected checks be released to me NOW.” Later that same evening, I went to check my mailbox, and there was a check for $2,600! PRAISE GOD! A. Collins

The God of Increase came through for Me.

October 8, 2017

Dr. Cedric has been preaching on God being our Source, and not our jobs, and I believed the Word I was hearing. That same week, I went to work and my employer gave me their transportation business! As a result, I have been so prosperous and blessed. I am deeply grateful to God for all He has done. To Him be all the glory! JMINCREASE

Debt Free Wedding…

October 8, 2017

weddingDuring a service, I sowed my last $40. That same week, I received $400 credit for my wedding venue, after praying with Dr. Cedric to have a debt-free wedding. I thank and praise God for the increase. He is faithful!  Amen. J. Hayes

Can’t Touch This!

October 8, 2017

hurricaneMy husband and I live in Florida, so we brought our family here because of Hurricane Irma. We prayed with Dr. Joyce that our home would be protected throughout the storm. We called family and were told that our home was not touched. Everything around our neighborhood was damaged, but not our property. Hallelujah! God is so faithful! Amen. The Sims


I Lost My Job…

October 8, 2017

apartmentAfter 15 years of employment, I lost my job. I was not concerned because God has always made a way for me. When I was at the last of my resources, the Lord spoke to me and told me what to do. He opened a door for me to live with my daughter. After speaking with Dr. Cedric and praying in agreement, I was blessed with my own apartment. I praise God for being my provision!  A. Jackson

See the Wreck…I survived!

August 1, 2017
Praise God! My daughter did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, when she was involved in an accident on Memorial Day with an ATV (three-wheeler) that caused her to hit a brick wall. Although she was airlifted to the University of Chicago and was in ICU on a breathing tube, she sustained only a few fractures that are now healing. God is restoring her. I give Him all the glory. Amen. B. Long