Sons of God Revealed-Walking in Authority

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It is my daily practice, as an entrepreneur to ALWAYS wear my stylish coat. It is my marketing tool and free advertising.  Aside from bringing new clientele, people see it, ask questions and before we finish talking, I can usually invite God into the conversation! One morning, I was hungry, so I decided to go to Cracker Barrel. After sitting and eating, I stood in line to pay for my order. While waiting, I notice the cashier’s beautiful head wrap. When I got to the register, she noticed my stylist coat and asked, “Are you a beautician?” “Yes,” I replied! “When my hair grows back, I’d love to come to you,” she said! “I’d love that too,” I stated as I reached into my pocket to get her a card. Strangely, I hadn’t put my cards in my pocket this morning. “Let me go to the car to get you a card,” I said. As I walked to the car, the Holy Spirit said, “Give her HER HEALING.” I knew exactly what that meant! I walked in and excitedly said, “Here is my card but I’d like to give you something else!” “Ok,” she said with uncertainty. “My name is Tonya and I’m an ordained deaconess at Embassies of Christ,” I began to say. “I heard of that church before,” she proclaimed! “Great,” I said as I placed my hand on hers. “I stand in agreement for your total healing and restoration of every hair follicle on your head in Jesus’ name,” I said. “Thank you and praise God,” she said. I believe with all my heart that she is healed and I’m looking forward to a good report the next time I visit Cracker Barrel! L. Donald

No More Student Loan-The Favor of God

I have been hearing a powerful word on Sons of God being revealed on earth and I’ve been applying what I hear. I am a tither and I’ve been believing God for increase and debt freedom. I recently decided to look at my credit report and saw that Sallie Mae forgave my student loans! I didn’t apply for loan forgiveness or anything! I know God moved on my behalf because I’m a tither! I am so thankful! O. Smith

God said Sow so I Sowed…


For the past 3 months, I was experiencing some financial challenges. Last Sunday, I woke up around 5 A.M. to both bind and lose some things through prayer. During prayer, the Lord told me to sow a significant seed. Due to the financial challenges that I was experiencing, sowing the seed was a stretch but I was obedient because obedience is better than sacrifice. I called Dr. Cedric and spoke to him about how the enemy was holding my money up. Later that same day, someone came to my door and told me that the Lord told them to give me a check. The check was significant in its amount. I sent Dr. Cedric a picture of the check. From that day on, I have been receiving checks in the same amount, every other day! God is good! L. Brown

Prayer of Faith Shall Save the Sick.

15-the-prayer-of-faith-1x1My daughter, who is a member of Embassies of Christ, called and told me, “I stood in the prayer for your healing.” Doctors wanted to do surgery on my neck and spine but I declined. I was also diagnosed with a brain tumor. After my daughter received prayer for me, I went to another doctor. He told me, “You do not have a brain tumor and my neck and spine are healed! I know that God healed my body and I give him all the praise! -Selma

Not my Foot!!

footDr. Cedric has been teaching on Sons of God being revealed. One day, I was at work and I was given a new patient. I went to his room to introduce myself. We talked and he told me, ” I’m here to have my foot amputated.” I told him, ” We can pray that you don’t have to get your foot removed.” I laid hands on his foot, prayed for him and left. The following day, I was told that he did not have to get his foot removed and they only removed his big toe! To God be the glory for revealing himself through me! -R. Laws

1800x1200_how_blood_sugar_diabetes_affects_body_ref_guideOn the day, during a Sunday service, Dr. Cedric instructed everyone to get around someone who needed agreement for sickness in the bodies. I told the group of people, who stood around me, “My doctor recently took blood work and diagnosed me with diabetes.” I did not receive the diagnosis and did not want to be on medication, so I asked them to stand in agreement that I was healed. Two days later, I returned to my doctor for a follow-up visit. He took more bloodwork. This time he was amazed that my blood sugar levels were normal! He said, “I don’t know what you did but you do not have diabetes!” I began to praise God in his office because I knew HE healed me!!! Renee

God, Thanks for the groceries.

I went to Meijer to get food for my grandchildren. I got to the counter and my bank card was declined. I attempted to use it 3 times and each time it declined. Finally, the cashier directed me to the service desk for assistance. My card was new and I had money in my account, so I knew it should work. At the service desk, I was informed, my card had fraudulent activity on it. I prayed and asked God for help with getting groceries because I have my grandchildren for summer vacation. Just as I prayed, a gentleman walked over and asked how much my groceries cost. I told him the price and he paid for my groceries! God is so faithful and I was so happy!

College Tuition-I Don’t Want to Pay

Student Debt

Testimony of favor and debt freedom

I am a first year college student and I was believing in God for no student loan debt. I attend IUPUI and I received grants for over $20,000 so I don’t have any loan debt!

Praise God! Aaron

Power Was Transferred to Me

ganglion-cyst-real-universalTestimony of healing

On healing Sunday, I went up to Dr. Cedric for prayer. My wrist had been challenged for 4-6 months, but I believed that it could be healed. When Dr. Cedric laid hands on me, I immediately felt a transference of power. Within a couple of days, my wrist was totally healed! God is faithful! Pedro R.

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