I have the Faith to Believe.

crossDoctors diagnosed me with high blood pressure, but I refused to accept it. I spoke the word and received healing agreement. On two separate occasions, I went to the doctor, for a return visit and was told my blood pressure was getting lower. I am believing that I am totally healed! Amen. K.



On September 12, 2017 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and prescribed 2 pills daily. I resisted this diagnosis and believed God for total healing. In December 2017, during a returning visit, I was diagnosed as a prediabetic. In March 2018 I was told to only take 1 pill daily. I continued to believe that God was and is my healer and that I was totally healed! On January 14, 2019 I received a call from the doctor and was told I was not to take anymore medicine because I was no longer diabetic! God is my healer! Amen. C.J

It Wasn’t me! It Was God!


Dr. Cedric has been teaching on the power of healing and how we are created in the image of God. My 34-year-old daughter suffered a stroke this past Sunday. The hospital ran tests and found several white spots on her brain. My daughter did not know who she was or where she was. On Tuesday, the Lord lead me to pray and place my hands on my daughter. On Wednesday night, the doctors informed my family and me that all the white spots were gone! Glory to God! She was released from the hospital! God is amazing! Robert A.

Can God Do it…

whoops-im-in-a-comaMy granddaughter was in the hospital, a surgical procedure to remove a mass in her stomach and breasts. When I arrive at the hospital, I was led by the Holy Spirit to pray with my family for a miracle. Later the following day, the doctor came in and advised the family that the surgery was cancelled and that they were going to begin antibiotic treatment for the infection! I praised God that she did not have to follow through with the surgical procedure! God Heard our prayer our prayers and answered them! Amen.

Unexpected Checks in the mail…


white mailboxMy wife and I have been standing on God’s word for nearly two years for our finances. Dr. Cedric has been teaching on increase and we have been believing God to prosper us. Within the last two months, we have been receiving unexpected checks in the mail! One for $1500, $200, $1800 and another for $1000! We thank and praise God for our increase!  Keith W.

Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking…I received instructions from God to…

I was in a dark place. I had challenges with trust and addiction of drugs and alcohol, as a result, I was incarcerated. I was in fear that people were going to try to take my life because of the things that I had done. I had to put all my trust in God to save and deliver me. I began to pray to God and he gave me instruction through His word. I meditated on that word and fear left me. I use to spoke cigarettes to calm myself but I asked God to deliver me and he did. I tried to smoke but when I put the cigarette in my mouth it tasted like dirt, so I haven’t smoked since. I have also been delivered from addiction and was able to return home. I give God all the glory! Amen.
  R. Robinson

The Limp is Over…



I praised God for healing my body! I had 3 hip replacement and I was believing God that I no longer had a limp when I walk. I was praying during service and afterward I walked without pain or a limp! To God be the Glory!    -E. Irons.                   

The Devil Is A Liar!



On Halloween, I had to be at work early, I heated up some water for my tea in the microwave.  As I took the water our, it spilled on my entire forearm.  I was in excruciating pain! The Holy Spirit prompted me to put on my arm and pray. I was obedient and IMMEDIATELY THE REDNESS AND PAID SUBSIDED. GOD IS A HEALER AND I GIVE HIM ALL PRAISE AND HONOR! L. Harris   

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