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September 27, 2016


As I Iwas driving my car Sept. 9, I had to stop suddenly, but as I stepped on the breaks, and I veered to keep from hitting the construction workers, my car swerved and began spinning around uncontrollably. When my vehicle finally stopped, it was in the opposite lane, facing oncoming traffic.  Yet, God is so good, because He covered and protected me through it all. I did not hit any cars, and no vehicles hit me. My car had minimal damages, but I did not get a scratch! God is awesome! Amen. RB


September 27, 2016


God healed me from diabetes, cancer, and congestive heart failure. I talked to God out loud and I asked Him, “Lord, please help me!” That is just what He did! He healed my body and I give Him thanks and praises!  A week ago, I asked Him to deliver me from alcoholism and now the taste is gone! I had strayed away, but I am back! Glory to God for saving and healing me! Amen. D. Hicks

The Word of God is Working

September 27, 2016

new-bible-for-black-teensI am just so blessed and happy to report “the Word of God is working!” I received a phone call that my husband was sick, and was being transported to the emergency room. Once I heard this, I got an attitude! I confessed, “The Devil is a lie!” I know that the Word of God works, and states, “We are healed by Jesus’ stripes,” so I did not accept the report I received. Ever since my husband began singing with the Praise and Worship ministry, the devil has been trying to attack his body, and this was the second week he’d been challenged. I was fed up! When I arrived at the hospital, I told the doctors and nurses that my husband was fine; he was well, there was nothing wrong with him and he would be released in Jesus’ Name! They released my husband shortly afterward, and he has been fine ever since! He has had no reoccurrences! Amen. Johnsons



September 27, 2016

My testimony is that I’m walking on a leg that does not have a kneecap. It’s been approximately five years and my knee is still working! God is good! Amen. R. StanleyKnee_Pain


September 27, 2016


When I arrived at church, I was experiencing pain throughout my arm, and I had total numbness in three of my five fingers. During altar call and prayer, Dr. Cedric laid hands on me, and all the pain left my arm, and the sensation in my fingers is returning. God is a healer! Praise Him! Amen. C. Taylor

This raise was completely unexpected!

September 1, 2016


For the past two months, I rededicated my life, putting God first. Since Dr. Cedric’s teachings on “Growing In the Spirit,” I received a 10 percent raise on my annual salary for my job! Previously, I had received small increments of money because I tithe on everything, but this raise was completely unexpected! I just want to thank and praise God! His word is real, and we will receive the manifestation of His promises! Amen. -R. Bonds

“Your doctor thinks that you may have cancer.”…the Devil is a Liar!

September 1, 2016

One of my doctors norise-and-shine-one24-2014-cancer-freeticed something on my neck during a visit in February. I did not take their findings seriously, but my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound. Unbeknown to me, my physician thought the laboratory results were cancerous. She scheduled a biopsy, but I kept postponing it. Finally, the endocrinologist called me and stated, “Your doctor thinks that you may have cancer.” Then I began to take what they were suggesting seriously. I had already been in prayer for my healing, so I took the biopsy July 27, and received the results in the mail a week later. I am cancer free! The results were just my confirmation, because I had already received my healing when the Bishop from Nigeria laid hands on me at the altar during the July 20 Wednesday night Bible study! I am so very thankful to God! All Glory to His Name! -A. Ashley