God, Thanks for the groceries.

I went to Meijer to get food for my grandchildren. I got to the counter and my bank card was declined. I attempted to use it 3 times and each time it declined. Finally, the cashier directed me to the service desk for assistance. My card was new and I had money in my account, so I knew it should work. At the service desk, I was informed, my card had fraudulent activity on it. I prayed and asked God for help with getting groceries because I have my grandchildren for summer vacation. Just as I prayed, a gentleman walked over and asked how much my groceries cost. I told him the price and he paid for my groceries! God is so faithful and I was so happy!

College Tuition-I Don’t Want to Pay

Student Debt

Testimony of favor and debt freedom

I am a first year college student and I was believing in God for no student loan debt. I attend IUPUI and I received grants for over $20,000 so I don’t have any loan debt!

Praise God! Aaron

Power Was Transferred to Me

ganglion-cyst-real-universalTestimony of healing

On healing Sunday, I went up to Dr. Cedric for prayer. My wrist had been challenged for 4-6 months, but I believed that it could be healed. When Dr. Cedric laid hands on me, I immediately felt a transference of power. Within a couple of days, my wrist was totally healed! God is faithful! Pedro R.

Double Trouble


For 30 years I was challenged with double vision. I attended vision school and received prayer and hands laid on my eyes by Dr. Cedric and Joyce. Before vision school concluded, I received TOTAL healing and I was delivered from double vision! Glory to God for healing me! Sharon

Just Speak the Word – Vision Restored.

I have been getting a powerful word on faith from Dr.’s Cedric and Joyce, so my faith in different areas had increased. I received a call from my mom saying that my nephew’s sight in his right eye was being challenged at work. Immediately, when I heard this, I wanted to go to Indianapolis and pray for him, but the Holy Spirit instructed me to send the word to heal him. I called my sister and began to pray over speaker phone for his healing. As we prayed, his sight was restored and he was able to go home and watch the football game! God is a healer! Amen. – Howard O.

Our Baby Shall Live

My goddaughter was pregnant and went into premature labor. Doctors were attempting to prevent her from delivering because they said the baby was only 1lb and wouldn’t survive delivery. I prayed with my goddaughter and we believed God that the baby would live and not die. My goddaughter deliver the baby successfully at 1 lbs. and she and the baby were fine! God is faithful!

Healed from Unforgiveness

imagesI stepson murdered my son some years ago and I didn’t fully forgive him. I asked God to remove unforgiveness from my heart. I recently spoke to my stepson and verbally told him that I forgive him for murdering my son and I felt so much relief! I thank God for healing me and allowing me to forgive. Amen. JG

I have the Faith to Believe.

crossDoctors diagnosed me with high blood pressure, but I refused to accept it. I spoke the word and received healing agreement. On two separate occasions, I went to the doctor, for a return visit and was told my blood pressure was getting lower. I am believing that I am totally healed! Amen. K.



On September 12, 2017 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and prescribed 2 pills daily. I resisted this diagnosis and believed God for total healing. In December 2017, during a returning visit, I was diagnosed as a prediabetic. In March 2018 I was told to only take 1 pill daily. I continued to believe that God was and is my healer and that I was totally healed! On January 14, 2019 I received a call from the doctor and was told I was not to take anymore medicine because I was no longer diabetic! God is my healer! Amen. C.J

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