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A Whirlwind of Faith

August 6, 2010

  The Gift of Faith is to receive the Impossible; the Proof of Faith is Obedience.  God showed me “when, where, how” He can get anything to me.  His power supersedes our natural thinking.  My husband and I agreed to meet the need of $25- $30 of 1 or 2 people each month at times it has been more through gift cards or donations.  May 31st, I decided we needed to slow down the extra giving.  Seven days later on Monday, June 7th, a young lady asked me for gas money.  (She came to prayer literally on E.  I thought to myself oh what “Great Faith” an immediately other thoughts came “you don’t have extra money to give” and “you said you was slowing down”.)  I responded, I do not have any money on me but I have my debit card, can you make it to 61st avenue.  As I followed the young lady to the gas station, the devil said you have bills due at the end of this week.  I rebuke the thought and decided to give $10-$15 and the Lord spoke “Fill it up” it totaled $33. The next day, I began to talk to the Lord about several things and one of the subjects was I am a giver and not just in money. I prayed to see a supernatural manifestation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

On Wednesday, June 9th, I decided to sit two rows back and one section over from where I usually sit to wait on my husband.  I was asked to move up, my husband arrived, and we were led to the seat I often sit in.  Being obedient will lead you to the right place at the right time.  Pastor Jerwan Jones spoke on “The Door of Faith”.  As he began to close he asked the congregation to stand up and declare and open heaven.  My husband, myself, Percy and Joy Davis, who was behind us, were still sitting.  I begin to praise God; my husband saw what appeared to be white tissue in his peripheral vision and thought someone was throwing white tissue. To our amazement money begin to fall it landed in my husband’s lap, my chair, the floor and behind our seats.  The Lord spoke to me and told me what to sow, I sowed it.  We reaped a total of 5 ½ times in what I sowed two days before. The money was not the harvest but a seed that met my need as well as letting me know God is God alone and He is attentive to our prayersIf God can get it through you He can get it to you. There is nothing impossible with God; He can do something just like this because His aim is just that precise.   Mark 9: 23– Everything is possible for him who believes.  God wants us to think expansively.  He wants us to ask for things we can’t make happen. Ask and stand until you see the manifestation of your prayers.           

Hebrew 11:6– And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

 Y Hill

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