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The Desire to Serve God

September 2, 2010

To God be the glory! This year will be 20 years for this awesome ministry at EOC, and I am possibly more excited than many. For 33 years I have known God but without revelation, and the traditions of my childhood were oppressive. By the grace of God I maintained a desire in my heart to know and serve God. In 2007, I was starving for understanding, so I began to pray and petition our Father, because I knew that I was missing something in my life. At the time I was working security at night, and I would listen to 102.3 gospel station and the different services on the air. It was a pastor on one night and he explained the prayer for salvation, and I repeated knowing I had nothing to loose. That night I confessed that Jesus is the Son of God that died for my sins and was raised in three days, and on that night alone in my security truck, I confessed and recieved salvation. So, after thanking God, I clearly asked for Him to send me to a church that I can grow and learn what He had for me, because I knew I had a purpose. He sent me to EOC,  and it was like a brand new world to me, because I literally went from Jew to Christian. I will never forget March 30, 2008, Pastor Lawrence Oliver was teaching and the message was about Joseph’s favor and the anointing on his  life, and the Spirit of the Lord was apparent and He whispered to me “I am here.” When it was time for the altar call I was ready to make a bold statement and I publicly proved that I believed eventhough I had got saved in my truck I wanted to make a statement that I was not ashamed and I believe His Word is true. Shortly afterwards I got baptized for the first time in my life at EOC and also baptized in the Holy Spirit. Through this ministry He has raised me up to spiritual maturity and into a deeper level in Him. Now I am a willing servant to God first and then to the Pastors that He sent me to, and to the EOC family. I thank God for sending me here and I thank Pastors Cedric &; Joyce Oliver for having me. When I pray every day to cover the Pastors, ministry and body, it is because I am truely grateful for God’s love, that He has placed me in your company. May God continue to bless this ministry and enlarge our territory!

-S. Hill

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