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$40,000.00 and we got it all done for free by standing in agreement with the word of God.

April 1, 2011

I saw a front deck porch that was gorgeous; I said I want one of those; not even knowing my own front porch was damaged and so was the foundation in our basement. My husband showed me how the wall in our basement was bulging and damaged. I suggested that we have a few contractors come out and asset the damage and to give us an estimate.

We had 3 contractors come out; all gave estimates over the amount of money we wanted to spend. So I went shopping for finance companies to see what the best APR% was we could get. We were approved by the SBA (Small Business Administration) for $40,000.00 with an APR% of 2.7%. I thought the rate was great, 2.7%! I told my husband we were approved I just knew he was going to be pleased. My husband said, “We are the lender not the borrower”. I came into agreement with him immediately.

I started writing on our tithes and offering envelopes – home restoration, no money out of our pockets. In the meantime, I prayed and ask God, “Who is going to do this work for us Lord”? The Lord said, “You know the people”. I called a contractor who called the City of Gary to begin the process. The contractor called me back and said that there is a program that may be perfect for me-call the City of Gary. I called the City of Gary and was asked if I file a FEMA application in 2008. I said, “Yes”. She said God has truly blessed you today!!!! Put your money away!!!!! She told me about a program called L A R R I that 3 counties; Lake, LaPorte and Porter wrote a grant for $10,000,000.00 to help home owners that had damage to their homes in 2008 disaster. My husband and I applied for the L A R R I program and was approved.

We had our front porch removed and replaced with a brand new deck (estimate of cost $22,000). We got our basement foundation wall fixed, mold remediation throughout the basement, removal of paneling. The work total over $40,000.00 and we got it all done for free by standing in agreement with the word of God. We are the lender not the borrower. We give God the Glory and Praise. Thank You God.

Kim & Valarie Moore

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