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I have been praying for a job since I moved to Indiana.

April 20, 2011

I started coming to EOC 2 Sundays ago and the first sermon was about not looking back. I attended Wednesday night service of that same week and Pastor Joyce said to put on your whole armor. This past Sunday, Pastor Cedric spoke on having heaven on earth and to also keep moving forward. I have been praying for a job since I moved to Indiana. Today I received a phone call from Chase Bank and they are offering me a job after I received an e-mail letting me know that that the position I had interviewed and applied for had been filled.

On Sunday during service, I said, GOD it is in your hands and he sent me an answer that same day. I will be calling tomorrow to get more information about the job that they are offering me. I have been thanking GOD all day long. I want to thank GOD for sending one of your members my way and for inviting us to come and worship at EOC. I will be joining EOC on Sunday. Thank GOD for his guidance for me through Pastor Cedric & Pastor Joyce.


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