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When you put the word with practice you will get all your heart’s desire.

April 28, 2011

Back in November 2010, I was scheduled for an interview with Home Health Aide. The couple that interviewed me was spirit-filled and very kind.  As the interview began, I started off by telling them a little bit about myself and my career goals. After one of the questions, I said “I just want to work, stop hiding my car, and finally stop receiving public assistant.” The next moment the couple started whispering to themselves. Then one of the interviewers said, “Artavious, the Lord told me to bless you with $1000. My head went down onto my hands, and I remember sobbing for a few minutes crying out, “Thank you Jesus, over and over again.” As I began to lift my head everyone in the room was thanking God. The interviewers started blessing me more by telling me that God has good things coming my way. Just be patient and wait on the Lord.

Walking out the door, I felt taller! All this time, I thought I did not have any friends. He sent them to me in my time of financial and spiritual needs. I can say as of today, I have not been behind paying my car note, I know that God is going to bless me with a job.

When you put the word with practice you will get all your heart’s desire.

A Hull

Virtuous Woman.

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