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Financial harvest that literally fell from the sky.

November 10, 2011

I was suffering from an attack on my body that caused me to miss almost a whole day of work. The enemy was trying to take my money.  I prayed and was pressing my way back to work.  As I was leaving my building, the wind blew and down on the ground was a hundred dollars. My sister was with me and I told her to keep looking because I heard God tell me that there’s more and it was. I found  a total of $140 dollars. I was really blessed because I made back the money I lost at work.

The same day, I left to get something to eat.  Someone  recognized me and paid for my dinner as well as dinner for my sister ($20 worth of food). I was so amazed because God was really blessing me. As we left out the restaurant, the wind blew again and I caught a $5 bill blowing in the air. Talked about a financial harvest that literally fell from the sky. I surely received a harvest, and the pain that I was experiencing went away. God is so awesome. Thank you Dr. Cedric and Joyce for teaching us how to stand against the devil attacks.


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