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The check is being signed right now!!!

April 12, 2012
We were tight financially. After tithing, gas and food expense, we only had $103.00 dollars to pay our bills. However we held on to it and began to pray for wisdom because $103 wasn’t enough to cover one bill. Last Sunday, Dr. Cedric asked 1000 people to give $100 to help with the outreach expenses for Gary. In all honesty, my flesh did not want to let go of the last $100.00 because that’s all we had left. After hearing the awesome word, I was so inspired and convicted that I had to give the money as a seed and trust God to care for our needs.
My wife’s job recognizes an employee once a month with $500.00 to pay towards bills. My wife and I believed that God was going to use this opportunity to bless us. After hearing the word at church and giving the $100.00 as a seed, we spoke it, decreed and proclaimed it every chance we got and thanked God in advance. We held on to our faith in God. Last Thursday,  my wife’s name was pulled, WE WON! My wife called me to let me know and as we praised God, I told her that it was not over!
My wife was so overjoyed that she shared the testimony with her mom and sisters and one of her sisters were so inspired to hear it that she said she would match the blessing and Fed ex a cashier’s check in the amount of $500.00! We gave $100.00 and God gave us $1000.00!
The check is being signed right now!!!” Thank you Drs. Cedric & Joyce-for your teachings has already transformed our lives in such a short time. We give God all the glory, honor and praise for what He has done and thank you both for being such a blessing to me and my family. We have lots of containers to be filled and we are givers, and because of that, IT’S STILL NOT OVER …Praise you Jesus!!!
Harris family
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