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I went from paying 17.5% interest to paying 2.8% interest.

April 26, 2012
On April 1, I sowed an again seed of $100. At the time, it was a huge sacrifice because the money I had was for bills and meant there would not be enough to pay my car note on time; however, I sowed it in faith and Prayed that God would produce the harvest. That Tuesday, I applied to refinance my auto loan in the attempt to get a lower interest rate. On Wednesday night, Dr. Joyce said that the check is being signed right now! So I began to say what she said and thanked & praised God. On the following Monday, I was informed that the loan was approved. I went from paying 17.5% interest to paying 2.8% interest, two and a half payments were completely eliminated from the current term, and to top it off, I will save a total of $9,810.45!!!!!!!
Thank you Drs. Cedric and Joyce for teaching me how to pray the word, profess the word, persevere in the word, trust a Prophetic word, plant according to the word, and Praise God for his word!
Your reward shall be great in this life and in the life to come.
 Tiffany L.

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