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God moves mountains for his people.

May 3, 2012

Dr. Cedric has been teaching us how God makes a distinction of his people from the rest of the world. I recently applied to the nursing program at my school (Purdue University). At first, I was a bit intimidated by the other applicants because a lot of them had a higher GPA than me. My average was only a 3.0 compared to the others who were 3.5 and higher. Then I received a word from God through Pastor C that my circumstances did not define me. I stood on the word of God. I later received a letter in the mail stating, “We regret to inform you, but you have been wait-listed for the nursing program.

At first, I was a bit discouraged but something in my spirit led me to keep believing God and that he gives us the desires of our heart. Later I discovered from Matthew 13:18-23 that the letter was a distraction created by the enemy to steal the word that was sown in me through Pastor C. About a week later, I met with a nursing advisor and she informed me that I was number 25 out of 60 applicants on the waiting list. Just to be clear number 25 is nowhere near 1. That meant that 25 students had to decline their offer of acceptance in order for me to get in. The advisor then said to me that she had seen for some reason the dean had moved me up on the wait list. After that, I sensed that God was still at work.
Here’s what confirmed it. She told me that over half of the applicants had not responded or declined their offer of acceptance. She also stated that this has never happened before in her history of working there. When I heard those words, “This has never happened before”, I knew those were God’s signature words which was evidence that He was at work. A couple of weeks later I received my acceptance letter in the mail into Purdue’s nursing program. Glory be to God!
 Sharnae M.
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