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The doctors performed a few more test on me and to his surprise he found nothing.

May 11, 2012
In February, my kidney and bladder were under attack. I had to go to the emergency room and the doctors couldn’t understand how I was able to walk or talk because  of the numerous infections. I began to tell the doctors that what they see is only an attack from the devil and that I was healed and I was walking in my healing. After running test, I was told  that  cancer was found in my bladder and kidney. I pleaded the blood of Jesus over my life and I continue to walk in faith. I followed the directions and took the medication that was given to me. One day while in my house, I found some colon cleanser pills, and the Lord told me to take those, so I did. After that, the Lord told me to discontinue all other pills. I went to my colon specialist and I told him that I was no longer taking my medication because God healed me. The doctor said, “fine be healed and that I might have some side effects. The doctor did a couple of more test on me, and to his surprise he found nothing. Everything was gone. God is just so awesome.
Minister Edwina Shields
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