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I trust God and His will for my life.

August 17, 2012
I have been a member at Embassies now for about two years. Pastor Cedric has given several messages concerning home ownership and as children of God we have blessings and promises here on earth. I Began looking for a home shortly after becoming a member but suddenly got really nervous with the idea. I then decided to try again but AGAIN I got really nervous with the idea. One day I sat in my room at my parents home and said this is not what God has for me. Well a few days went by and as I was checking my emails I received an update on homes I was watching. Long story short, I went to view a home that I fell in love with but at the time it was over what I wanted to spend. The listing price dropped from $117,000 to 89,000. I immediately began the process of making an offer asking the seller to pay $3000 which they DID. I had $1000 held up from another transaction. I SAID MONEY COME AND IT CAME. I was on the waiting list for the home owners assistance program with Lake County for a LONG time. I said MONEY COME come as I was calling the County one day. I asked the very nice lady if I had moved up on the list. She said do you have a signed purchase agreement and I said YES. She said come in on Thursday. I went and I received  $5000 for assistance. I also received $1500 from the lender at the bank. NOW you do the math! I have not reached my closing date nor have I heard a yes or no from the lenders. HOWEVER, I trust God and his will for my life. He has never left me without a job which the enemy tried to scare me with. I am casting down any thought that sets its self up against the will of God. Now there were moments that I found challenging but I kept moving forward THIS time. I decided to not allow myself to mentally plant seeds of fear or doubt.
Monique S.
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