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April 27, 2013
Cadillac Deville

God Bless Me – Look At My Cadillac Deville

Thank you to my Pastors for loving God so much and always waiting on His instructions. The love is this church is amazing and I tell everyone about it. My sister came with me a few months ago, Karen, and she got saved, joined the church, and participates in the ministry. Wow…how awesome! Her family is now attending and her oldest son just got saved. God is truly moving. I have attended church my whole life and gave my life to Christ at age 12. I have grown more in the last year at this church than all of my churches combined. The anointing and power in this church is none like I have ever experienced. The church came through for me a few months ago when I didn’t have a place to live…no other church have ever helped me like this.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity and love I receive from the Pastors and the members. God is so good! Such integrity and respect. With God’s help and faithfully sowing into the church, I have been provided for and believe that it will only get better. Recently, my son was in a car accident that should have killed him…he had a head injury but has completely recovered. The SUV was totaled and the insurance company gave me $5000. I went to buy a car and most dealerships wanted me to have a car payment. This would not be a wise decision at this point. I prayed and believed, and called in a car…paid in full. I went to a Mercedes dealership because my boyfriend bought a nice car there for cash. I drove in and saw the car I wanted…mint condition inside and out. My boyfriend went inside to see the price. It was on the lot for $10,500.00 …but, they just dropped the price to $5,300 to try and sell it that day…it was the bad snow day. Wow! I drove it…paid cash for it…and now own a beautiful Cadillac Devile DHS…woo hoo. It’s pearl white! I always wanted a Caddy and now I own one! God took a bad situation and turned it around. He also helped me get two raises at work and many more new clients ( I’m a hair designer) He has sent me so many miracles and healing. How God loves us and how I love Him….and I so love my pastors and my church. Thank you God and thank you Pastors. Where do you want me to serve? Love you Pastor C and Pastor J. Many, many blessings.


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