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I Expected God to Keep His Promise

June 24, 2013

car_keysLast Wednesday, Dr. Joyce instructed us to sow an extra twenty dollars during offering. The Holy Spirit had already placed it on my heart anyway so this was just confirmation. She also said that we would receive our harvest within a week. I began to believe God for my harvest all week. A week passed and it was Wednesday morning. I woke up expecting a huge move of God since this marked exactly one week. I began confessing God’s promises over my life. I got into my car for work and I noticed it was not driving properly. About 3 minutes into my drive, my car stopped completely and would not start back up. Immediately I began to confess Gods promises over my life and cancel the enemy’s schemes because I knew that the enemy was after the word that Dr. Joyce spoke into our life and I needed to stay in faith.

I was fed up with having problems my car. I want God will bless me with a new car that I don’t have to pay for. A mechanic came to look at my car. The mechanic stated that it was the fuel pump and would cost $150 for the part $100 for the labor, and $25 dollars to pull it back to my house with his truck. In the mist of this, I was still thanking God for his promises and my harvest. While the mechanic was pulling my car, my brother was driving it in neutral. He did not push the brakes in time and ran into the back of the mechanic’s truck. The truck was not damaged at all but the hood of my car was bent. When this happened, I knew for sure God was trying to get something to me because the enemy was working too hard to steal the word that was planted in me. So we got my car back to my house and the mechanic began working on my car after I purchased the part for $150. I was lead to Luke 18:8 which state that God will avenge his own elect of their adversary speedily. I began telling the enemy that he will repay me for everything that I had lost before the day was out. During this time, I checked my mail and discovered I received an unexpected check for $104. I knew this was the beginning.

The mechanic stated that he replaced the pump but the car still would not start. He also stated he didn’t have a clue what was wrong with it. He said he would not charge for the labor but I was still out of a car and did not receive the full amount back yet for the part.

My brother called back and asked if I would like another mechanic to look at it for $65. Holy Spirit instructed me not to go that route and just wait. Ten minutes before being picked up for mid-week service, my dad calls back and states that he’s at the dealership purchasing my new car and I can come pick it up the following morning. On top of that, my brother sowed $100 into my life!!!!! I stood on the word and everything was repaid to me in full with interest in a day’s time! Thank you Dr. Joyce and Cedric for teaching us the word and being obedient to the instructions of the Holy Spirit!!!!!  S. Martin

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