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Jehovah Jireh – My Provider

June 24, 2013
During the Prosperity Conference with Dr. Bill Winston, I received a letter of repossession on my car, the finance company had already deferred 4 payments since November of 2012. All I had to sow that Thursday night was $2. I asked God during that service what to do, and He instructed me to answer the phone. Friday morning I spoke with the finance company and they deferred two more payments which caught my account up. Friday night I sowed $10 that I received for taking someone home from work that day and Sunday after church two of my friends presented me with a gift card for groceries for $220. Then on Saturday facing a deficit in my finances, I checked my mail and I received a check unexpectedly for $1484.00 from a house that foreclosed in 2009. The National Mortgage company that sent the check had already sent me a check in March for $300 + and the letter stated that it was the final payment that I would receive, but God!!!!! Hallelujah He reopened that door to bless me because I believe Him for my provision. I thank God for the great faith teaching we always receive from Drs. Cedric and Joyce Oliver, and the special gift in Dr. Bill Winston that ministered the word on prosperity!!! S. Hill
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