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I Will Sing and Dance for the Lord.

September 19, 2013


During the last few months of my final year at Juilliard, I had gone on several dance company auditions, even made it to the last round of many of those auditions, but was not been hired by any of the companies.  After each seemingly “unsuccessful” audition, I was comforted by the reassurance that God had somewhere else for me to be.  I remained encouraged and did not lose hope.

So after graduation, I packed all of my belongings and moved back home; which was the last thing my flesh wanted to do, but I was obedient to God’s instruction.  From that moment on, everything God had already prepared for me, started to move into place. As soon as I got home, I was offered a job working at my dance teacher’s new dance studio, for a six week summer program.  Because I came home, my dance mentor from NYC decided to come teach for two weeks at the same summer program where I was teaching.  He told me that he wanted to get a chance to work with some of the students from my hometown and also choreograph a new dance for me to learn.  I was so excited for the students at the dance school to be able to work with my mentor, but I had no idea that his visit would also change my life.
On the first day of the summer program, July 1st, he began making several phone calls to people that he knew in New York, to see if there were any upcoming auditions.  One of his friends contacted him, letting him know that there was an audition for a Julie Taymor production of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”.  She also informed him that the audition was the next day, July 2nd!  During this time, Pastor Cedric was teaching on how God could totally transform your life in 24 hours, and I knew that I had a “by this time tomorrow” Word on my life (Joshua 11:6).  So I believed that God was leading me to do this audition and I flew out to NYC that night, to do the audition the next morning.
That was the first audition that I did where everything felt right; I could sense God’s favor the entire time.  Not only did my dance mentor’s friend (the one who informed me about the audition) come to the audition to personally recommend me to the director, but I also had the opportunity to sing for the first time at an audition (which was a fear that God delivered me from while taking voice classes at Juilliard).  After the audition, I heard God clearly say to me, “Welcome to your new home.”
I got the job and it was made just for me!  The director was looking for an adult who looked very youthful, like a teenager.
God connected me with a couple who once housed a dancer that my mentor knew very well.   Everything was just connected in a way that only God could piece together. So not only did God bless me through divine connections, but He provided a place for me to stay for far less than I thought I would have to pay, and He showed me that simply living according to His will, and being obedient to HIS timing, we will reap a great harvest.
Lastly, I have been watching EOC services online and was blessed by the prophetic “New Money” word brought by Bishop McIntosh.  This past Thursday morning, I paid my tithes online and decided that I was going to come into agreement with the prophesy, and start believing God for my $1,000 seed to sow into God’s kingdom.  When I got to work, that day, I was offered a promotion to the position of “dance captain” at my job, which would result in a pay increase.  New money!!! Instantly!  Simply by believing that God will provide!
Glory be to God!
Briana R.
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