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I Thought the $20,000 Deposit was a mistake–But it Was God.

November 20, 2013

bank_account_250x251I was here when the Bishop gave instructions about the New Money seed. I came
home praying and wanting to do at least a portion of the New Money seed,
because I felt it was for me. However I went home only to find that my water
was cut off and I received a disconnection notice from Nipsco. I was led to
pray about it that night and I went to work the next day. I noticed while
I was at work, that I got a deposit in my bank account. My children’s father
passed seven years ago, and social security deposited $20,000 into my bank
account. I thought it was a mistake at first but I prayed and didn’t touch the
money. Then I received a letter regarding him since 2009 and that the deposit
was my back pay from them. However, I am not done yet. A couple of weeks from
that occurrence, I received a letter from a company that I had worked for in
the past and invested stock options in. I found that every piece of stock that
I had split, which means it doubled. Lastly, I felt moved to look at some stock  options that my dad had placed in my name some time ago, only to find that I  had $500.00 available for me to withdraw at any time. I truly do believe all of
this began because I prayed and asked God to send me the New Money seed. I  couldn’t wait to give this seed because I believe this is only the beginning of  new money in my life. L. Thomas

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