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Give And You Will Receive

December 12, 2013

money-falling-from-skySome years ago after a divorce of 23 yearlong marriage, I did not have a car. The Lord told me to take my Honda, which was paid off and to give it away. So I gave it to my child who was in need of a car. Then God told me that He would not let me settle for less in what I got next. Even though I did not want another car note, I was obedient and started to look for a new car. So I went to the car dealership with the word that Pastor Cedric and Joyce have been teaching on, prompting us through the word to see higher, see more and see greater than what we have seen or experienced before. Therefore, I went to Cadillac, Lexus, BMW and all the other dealerships that sold luxury vehicles that I can think of. I walked in the BMW dealership and they asked how much I wanted to pay for a down payment and I said not a dime. I completed the easiest transaction of my life and today, I drive a BMW! I will not settle for less, I will not be sedentary and I will always be reaching for better, In Jesus’ name! DM

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