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I’m Expecting 2014 to be Awesome. The Blessings Are Already Coming My Way.

February 6, 2014

DollarBills_401K2012This past Sunday was when we brought our first fruit offering to God. Well I emptied my purse out and put my all I had, which was $14.00 into the envelope. At the time I told the Lord that I had something big that I wanted to do, that I wanted him to provide the finances and I didn’t want it to come out of my budget to get it done. So I stood in expectation that because of my faithfulness He would do that for me. This past Tuesday I was going through my office, cleaning, getting rid of old documents and shredding some sensitive paperwork. I came upon an envelope and just as I was about to tear it up and place it in the shred pile, the Holy Spirit stopped me. I looked inside and there was a check for $190.00. Shortly after, I went to the mailbox and I had a check for $500.00 for a company that I seemingly had paid twice last year. The company sent my money back, in total God had given me close to $700.00 from my $14.00 offering. Pastor Cedric on Sunday told us to think bigger and ask bigger, and I think to myself, me asking God for just that and look at how fast he did it for me. I bless God for the word, our pastors and this church! A. Ivery

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