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Nothing But God!

March 27, 2014

you got the job-saidaonlineLast July, I lost my job of two and a half years because of a government grant being pulled. So I then took on a job at a local restaurant thinking that I would hear that the grant had been returned and I got my job back. Well after waiting, that didn’t happen and in turn I got backed up on a lot of bills and I even lost my faith for a short amount of time. I truly had a rough time ending out 2013. At the start of 2014, Pastor Cedric started out saying that this will be the year that the supernatural will occur and it will be things that the world will not be able to explain. With every message, my faith became stronger and I believed that the unexplainable and supernatural will be mine, I will be debt free and I will also be living in the abundance. A few weeks later, someone then told me about an open position that even though I was not qualified for, I still applied. A week later I got a call for an interview, then a second interview and I received the position, making literally five times more than what I was making in 2013. In the few weeks that I had been employed, I have already received a promotion to become a supervisor and I know it is nothing but God! God gave me this opportunity as well as everything I need to do it in excellence. I am so grateful for Pastor Cedric for not only giving me the word to grow my faith but also sharing his testimonies because it gave me courage and confidence. AI

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