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I felt the power of God go through my body.

April 24, 2014

The early part on Wednesday morning I was preparing for a funeral. As I was doing so, I bent over and a sharp pain went straight to my back. That pain had knocked me to my knees and the pain was so intense that it felt as if my legs were being dislocated from my body. I proceeded to go to the funeral, however as the day progressed it got worse and worse. I went to my jobsite to survey the next job and another pain hit me so hard, I fell to the ground for the second time in pain. My friend told me I needed to go home and rest, however I told him that I am going to church. Pastor Cedric after service was available so I went and told him what was going on with my back. He immediately laid hands on me and I felt the power of God go through my body. Then Pastor asked me to raise my hands and touch my toes. However, fear gripped me at first because the pain was piercing but pastor yelled at me and said don’t be afraid. As I pressed through and continued to bend, I could feel the muscles loosening up and the pain going away. Instantly, I was healed and Pastor Cedric looked at me after and told me to ‘Go to work,’ which was confirmation from God because I was thinking that I shouldn’t but I never told him. I give thanks to God for his healing power! D. Williams

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