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Tuition Faith!

May 29, 2014

I am a teacher at Ambassador Christian Academy and I have been trying to obtain my degree in education. However I started working for the school and put so much effort in with my class and their learning, I started to struggle with my own studies and schedule. At the beginning of the year, my schedule was messed up and from that they took a lot of my scholarship money away. This left me with a balance of $1,600.00. I started to stress but I was praying, asking God for help in this situation. The about a week later my advisor called and said that I am a wonderful teacher, come in, we will figure this out and I will help you do what you need to do. I cancelled all of my teacher meetings, went in to see Dr. Stewart and went to see my advisor. The next day I received an email from the school saying that I only owe three dollars and that I will get all of financial aid and scholarships money back. Also my school will push my classes through and I will be able to complete my degree this summer. God is truly awesome! -E. Corea

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