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No More Lack for Me!

July 24, 2014


I was here several Tuesdays ago at Faith and Healing class and Deacon Antonio prayed for me. I was telling him that I am trying to move to Aurora to attain a better educational experience for my daughter, therefore I was looking for another job or to be promoted. He prayed but he told me that I have to get prayer from Pastor Cedric after class because he has an anointing for increase. After class I started walking out the door but then Deacon Antonio stopped me and redirected me to Pastor Cedric. He then prayed for me then he said, “Young lady, you will not experience another day of lack.” Since that day, I am happy to say that I have not experienced any financial lack! I have had way more than enough and been able to bless others. It’s unexplainable therefore I KNOW that it is God supplying my overflow. I am closing on a house in Aurora in the school district that I wanted, I am up for a promotion and all I can do is glorify God the things he is doing in my life. Thank you Deacon Antonio for redirecting me and thank you Pastor Cedric for your anointed awesomeness! Z. Haynes

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