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The Doctors Are Still Baffled… But We Know That Our God is a Healer!

December 10, 2014

clueless doctor

My mother, Pearl James, is 89 years old, and has suffered with peripheral artery disease, had challenges with circulation, problems in her right leg, and even ulcers for many years. Two weeks ago, I brought my mother to Embassies of Christ for worship service. Pastor Cedric Oliver invited people who had been attacked in their body to come to the altar for prayer and healing; Pastor also instructed those who were using a cane or a walker to leave it behind. So I accompanied my mom; however, she was one of those who walked to the altar without assistance, and later returned to her seat by herself. The following weekend, I took my mother to the emergency room because she developed some swelling in her feet. She was diagnosed with cellulitis and dehydration. The medics did a scan over her lower extremities, and found there was no evidence of peripheral artery disease. The doctors couldn’t understand how this happened, but we know that God healed her, and we give all the honor to God for His healing power! N. Jackson

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