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Jesus Healed Me Within a Matter of Minutes!

January 20, 2015

OLordMyStrength I was in the hospital recently for a stress test. The medical attendants stopped the test at the halfway mark, and they put me on the bed. They said the readings gave them reason for alarm, and I was rushed to the cardiac area, where I watched other people go back and forth for different procedures. The cardiologist finally came in and told me that they had to stop the test early because my heart was not pumping blood to all the areas of my body. I immediately said, ‘The devil is a lie!’

Later, the medical attendants put a prod in me so they could look into my heart for a possible stint placement. Right then I trusted God to turn the situation around and give me supernatural healing! Then the attendants put the dye and prod in me, and the doctors began to talk. They looked at me and said that despite what the test had read initially, they could find no blockage in me!  He did that for me, and He can do healings for anybody! Praise God for healing! H.L.

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