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The Money Didn’t Arrive on Time – But it was worth the wait.

January 20, 2015


We began sowing into the Kingdom Impact Giving Campaign, and I believed God that the funds would come because of my desire to give. Although the money did not arrive before the campaign was over, I still believed God for it. In the meantime, one of my clients paid for my flight to California, and I accompanied my mother and the client. While shopping for shoes for my mother, I realized I’d left my credit and debit cards at home, and had only $50 in my purse. In the middle of purchasing the shoes for her, my phone rang. The caller was a young lady to whom I’d ministered years ago, while she battled a serious bout of depression. She said that she had been blessed financially, and wanted to be a blessing by giving me $3,000.00! I hit the floor and shouted, ‘Hallelujah!’ As a result, I was able to give to the campaign the original amount I’d intended, with some money left over. God saw my heart and stayed faithful to His word! E. Shield

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