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My daughter and I have not spoken for more than 15 years

February 17, 2015

Malone women

My daughter and I have not spoken for more than 15 years. But God! Pastor Cedric [Oliver] preached on ‘Family Focus’ for the year 2015. As he was preaching, I stood with him on the principles that he was teaching and prayed for unity within my family. I prayed that it was not too late for my daughter and me, and I am happy to report that God lead my only granddaughter to call me. We reconnected on Face Book and I in-boxed her with my number. Before that call, I had not heard her voice in 15 years, and I am beyond grateful for God bringing us together. S. White

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  1. Minister Edwina K Shields permalink
    February 17, 2015 6:30 am

    I too experienced restoration. I had not spoken to my brother by my dad since his homegoing 7 years ago. I reached out to his son last year hoping to find him . His son messaged me on Facebook and we connected last week Hallelujah. There is nobody greater than our God. Believe the words of the prophet and we shall prosper in all areas of life. Minister E.S

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