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I looked in my account and I saw a $400 deposit with no explanation.

March 4, 2015


The last Sunday of January, at the conclusion of First-Fruit Month, Pastor Cedric [Oliver] gave the congregation an opportunity to make a first-fruit offering to God to bless the whole year. Even though it was a stretch, I gave what the Holy Spirit led me to give. Normally I prepare taxes, but last year I was unable to do them because I was challenged in my eyes. The day after I gave the first-fruit offering, a gentleman met me and asked if I would do his taxes. The amount that I was given to do them tripled the amount of money that I gave in the first-fruit offering. The following Wednesday night after service, I had to take my son to the hospital; while we were there, I looked in my account and I saw a $400 deposit with no explanation. As we were leaving the hospital to take my son home, someone approached me and blessed me with $200.00. I was sharing my testimony with a lady at church Sunday, and she was so blessed by it, she gave me $50.00. Another lady saw what was happening, and said she wanted to bless me as well, and gave me $20! All this came from my first-fruit offering, and being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the Word that goes forth in this church; it is truly life-changing and Spirit-led!!! -S.R.

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