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VIOLENT FAITH! Now look at our new baby

April 7, 2015


We have been married for 13 years and it has always been our dream to have a baby. We tried to have a child for years with no success. We also went to several fertility specialists without success. Everyone continued to encourage us and tell us that we would have children, and we believed God that we would. We knew that was the promise the Lord had given us; however, it just did not seem to happen. When we were about to give up hope, God led us to Embassies of Christ at the time Pastor Cedric Oliver began the series on violent faith. He taught us how to take some things by force in the Spirit. We left that series knowing that God promised us a baby, and we were going to have to take it! We had great faith for it in the Spirit to overcome the obstacles the devil would throw at us. We went after it, and a surrogacy was offered to us, so we started down that avenue. During that time, we became pregnant, but subsequently, we lost the baby. The devil was looking for us to give up, but we dusted ourselves off and kept praying and standing on the promise! Now we have Aiden Michael Schitani; we picked our child up in January in New Delhi, India. We are ecstatic, we praise God for what He has done, and for keeping us through this process. Hold on to your violent faith and to the promise God has given you! M&T

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