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My Son Will “live and not die!”

August 18, 2015


I left home to be with my son, because he was scheduled to have minor surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon my arrival, he had been moved to a larger hospital and placed in ICU. The bacteria from the wound had spread aggressively and he required immediate major surgery. Within days, he had three surgeries, and the doctors were assured he would not make it. I called the church and Pastor Moore prayed for my son, and a member, Mr. Maxey, texted the prayer groups to pray as well. At one point, the doctor came out of surgery to tell me my son would not make it, and I told him to go back in and do what he needed to do, because my son would “live and not die.” Personally, I kept praying, quoting Scripture and the words from Pastor Joyce’s book, Seed of Faith. When the doctor went in to look at the wound, he came out with an unforgettable look. He said, “It is amazing how your son is healing!” Long story short, no more surgeries were needed, God won the battle and may God get ALL the glory for this testimony. I thank everyone for their prayers! ES

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