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Jehovah Jireh is truly my Provider

September 22, 2015

I am in a season where God is dealing with me about trusting Him. In different areas in my life, He has given me provisions based on my faith and relationship with Him. I came into second service recently with a need from God. At one point, I stopped and spoke with the guest artist who ministered that Sunday. God then told me to sow part of my last into the minister’s music. As I left the product table, a member stopped me to give a compliment on my shirt, but a conversation flowed from the initial contact. We began talking about my daughter’s going off to college, and we also spoke about my son’s connection with a new agency, and how they needed to get new headshots from him. Prior to the meeting, God had instructed me to set up everything, and He would provide. To condense my story, God used this woman to not only meet the need, but exceed the need. breathe

. In the atmosphere, God moves to answer prayers through those whom you’d least expect. A. Ferguson

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