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The Enemy Kept Attacking Me!

September 22, 2015


After looking back and thinking how the enemy kept attacking me, in the midst of that storm, I knew God didn’t bring me that far to leave me:

  • Moved my sister and her two children into my home during the summer, her benefits were cut off; our father was found unresponsive; my sister was diagnosed with cancer;
  • Bought a new car, it broke down; had no food in the house; the washing machine went out with dirty clothes all over the house; bills were due; needed gas to get back and forth, and my bank account was in the red.

Nevertheless, my mind stayed focused on worshipping Him and getting to the house of the Lord to get the Word that I desperately needed. So I asked God to bless me with gas money to get to church and a seed to sow. My friend gave me $20 and my cousin gave me the money I needed to get my washing machine fixed, so that my family and I could have clean clothes. Mind you, although I had not told anyone my story at EOC, I still came faithfully, kept believing that God was my Provider. I sowed seed and applied my faith. At offering time I paid tithes and gave $4, but then I was led to give it all. I then heard the Holy Spirit quietly say to me, “You will know that I did it. I’m going to bless you now.” As a member of the Praise Team, we went on stage, sang the offering song and made our confession. Immediately after offering, Pastor Cedric said there were three people who gave in the offering who did not know how they would get to work the next day. He asked if you were one of the few, come to the altar. I normally don’t go because I just don’t, but it was as if the wind blew me to the altar. Two ladies and I were standing in front of Pastor Cedric, and he blessed each woman with $50. I began to praise God for the blessing He had just done, but in the midst of my praise, Pastor Cedric calls my name and says, “Double for my trouble!” Next thing I knew, people came from all over the congregation and began to place money on the stage in front of me! When everyone was done giving and I counted all that they had given to me, I had received more than $1,000! My bank account is out of the red, food is on our table, the bills are paid, my gas tank is full, and I have more seed to sow. Also, I was able to take my family somewhere for Labor Day to give us rest from a trying summer, something I had wanted to do. Plus, we are able to go see our dad whom we haven’t seen in years. I praise God for the victory, and I encourage everyone not to eat up your seed, but to sow your way out! We can’t beat God giving and His timing is perfect! TS

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