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I expected $5,600, but I receive $30,000…God!

December 1, 2015

lord of the harvestBishop Hilliard spoke about the seed of 52 on the first night of the Kingdom Life Conference 2015.

I didn’t have the money that I could see; however, I sowed a $52 seed, and continually believed the Word while releasing my faith concerning my seed. The very next week, I received a call from my attorney pertaining to a worker’s compensation case I had against a steel producing company. I was expecting to receive $5,600, but the attorney said I would receive $30,000 instead, without any attorney fees. I know that change was due to my sowing the sacrificial $52 seed! Yet, God was not finished! My unemployment was about to end, when I received a call from Work One who informed me that I had qualified for a program. I accepted an offer to go to a university and receive a degree at no cost to me! All of this happened because of that one $52 seed in faith, and all I can do is PRAISE GOD!!! A. Brown



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