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Prayer Produces Positive Results

December 1, 2015

praise-the-lordRecently, my husband and I traveled to Lizella, Georgia to bury my uncle, who married us years ago. That night, the Holy Spirit awakened me abruptly and instructed me to pray. I began to pray a warfare prayer, covering my family and everyone who else who came to mind. I also prayed asking the Holy Ghost to cover anything that I may have missed. Several hours later, I received a text from Pastor Moore asking if Tracy Geeter was Sandra Geeter’s son. Sandra Geeter is my sister and Tracey Geeter is my nephew. Immediately, I called my sister and learned that my nephew had been shot in the head and the bullet went through the back of his eye. Even though Tracy has lost sight in his eye, he was the only one to survive out of nine people who were shot. After returning home, I learned from one of my aunts that my other uncle had been shot three times in his arm, stomach and thigh. In this instance, specialists from around the country came to do the surgery to remove the bullet from his stomach, because it was so close to his colon. Miraculously, when the medical team took him to take an MRI before the surgery, the bullet they had seen previously in dozens of tests was gone. I praise God for the miracle, and I praise Him for waking me up to intercede for my family. If I had not been obedient to the Holy Spirit and followed through with prayer, I don’t want to think about what could have happened! God truly gets all the glory!!! V. Moore

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