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Bullets were daughter is safe.

April 12, 2016


I thank God for Pastors Cedric and Joyce Oliver who teach us how to stand on God’s Word and have faith in Him. Last year, I was in constant prayer for my daughter who was at a point in her life where she was extremely rebellious and very disobedient. At times, when she displayed such actions, I would physically redirect her, but one particular time, the Lord instructed me to do nothing. Needless to say, I was shocked by His instructions. In obedience, I remained in constant prayer the following week, and God continually said to allow her to be disobedient. So I accepted his Word and did just that, and my daughter took full advantage. She came in and out of the house at will; she would come home high and drunk, and I would just let it be. One night when I arrived home from dance practice, my uncle ministered to me about who God had called me to be, and he encouraged me to continue walking in my purpose. Later, as I was talking and laughing with my youngest daughter, I heard 13 gun shots ring out close by. In her continued disobedience, my older daughter was next door hanging out with a young lady with whom I had previously forbidden her to have any association. As soon as I heard the multiple gun shots, I began to praise and worship God, because I knew the Word concerning my seed. I was reminded of God’s promise for my daughter’s future. I had to stay in the house to protect my other children, but I called the police to report the shooting which had occurred next door. When I got off the phone, the Lord simply said, “All is well.” I sat down, and soon afterward, my son came to me and said he’d received a text message from his sister saying she had been shot. It took the police and ambulance 20 minutes to arrive, but I just sat there praising God and speaking His Word. Once they arrived, they found my daughter who had been shot in the leg. Although the authorities determined that 13 gunshots had been fired in the house, eight of them had been fired into the room where she had been lying down, but only ONE had hit her! All I could see in my mind was angels deflecting every bullet as each one entered the room. I began to praise and thank God just for Who He is! Even though my daughter is not perfect, she is working and planning to start school in the fall; I thank God for the steps she has made to get closer to Him since this incident. S. Richardson

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