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Jesus Can Work It Out!

July 6, 2016


I had an outstanding bill and all I had was $200, which was less than 10 percent of what I owed. I didn’t want to ask anyone for the money, because I believed God to be my Source. Recently, He told me He would work it out and to trust Him, so I began to worship Him like never before, as if it were already done! I continued to pay my tithes and offerings, although a thought came to mind not to use the money for that purpose. As I went to pay the bill, I knew I didn’t have enough, but in obedience to God, I took what I had, believing He would provide! The clerk said my services would be discontinued the following day. At the time I was wearing a shirt that read, “Live to win.” The lady looked at my shirt and asked, “Do you live to win?” I responded, “Yes, I do.” Then she asked, “Do you believe God?” Again, I responded, “Yes, I do.” She asked, “Is this all you have?” With tears in my eyes, I responded, “Yes, this is all I have.” She responded, “God is going to turn this around for you, today!” Turns out she was the supervisor, who had the authority to make the decision to put me on a payment plan. Although I did not qualify for the plan, she worked it out for me. My services are still on, and I give all the glory to God!  D. Jackson

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