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When I applied FAITH, my circumstances started to change

July 6, 2016


God healed me from a devastating attack on my body on September 11, 2011. I had a very small wound on my left big toe that was causing me a little pain. It was suggested that I be admitted into the hospital immediately. After entering the hospital, I was diagnosed with an aggressive bacterium in my left foot toe area. And amputation of my left big toe was the result. After follow up testing, the bacteria was still there, thus resulting in another toe being amputated. Then I had to have one more surgery to remove the remaining three toes on my left foot. I was in a very low place, but being a faithful student of our Faith and Healing class at EOC for three years helped me tremendously!

I remembered what I was taught to walk by faith and not by sight and to speak the Word of God concerning my health. I applied these teachings to my circumstances and that’s when things started to change for my good. My healing manifested and ended my 92 days of hospital care, 3 surgeries, and outpatient rehabilitation for 14 months. I was able to return back to church and I’ve been praising God ever since for bringing me through! To Him be the Glory! Amen. C. Carter



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