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But GOD! With no hesitation exceeded my Expectations.

January 24, 2017

I recently attempted to take out a loan in December 2016 on the house that my mom blessed me, but the request was unsuccessful. During a recent Wednesday service, Dr. Joyce stated, “God will add things to you.” The statement really resonated in my spirit, because prior to hearing this message, I had been trying to do everything myself. I was finally motivated to take my hand out of it, and I no longer worried about, or pursued getting a loan. I recently spoke with a former coworker, and during our conversation about my house, she volunteered her husband, who is an electrical engineer, to come over and look at my home. Once he arrived, he immediately knew that he would need assistance with the job. He referred me to a volunteer ministry at his church of skilled men who worked professionally in this field. They arranged a date to come over to see my home. When they arrived, I let them in and left to run errands. When I returned, the workers had not only repaired the wiring in my home, but they had also called in a professional designer to remodel the living room, dining room, and bedroom. They even washed my dishes and threw out the trash. In essence, they organized things. I was so blessed by their generosity, but the blessing didn’t end there. I received another call the following day from my coworker stating that they wanted to bless me with a new roof, siding, and windows, too! I had already inquired with Lowell’s about how much it would cost to fix all of the repairs and was given a $47,000 estimate. I immediately thought that they would say, “No,” or only fix some of the repairs, But GOD! With no hesitation, the men said, “Yes.” They volunteered to fix everything. Dr. Cedric has been teaching us about walking in the blessing, and I am truly grateful to have heard such an awesome Word. My faith increased and I am walking in my blessing. Glory to God! Amen. E. Lewis

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