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You cannot tell me that our God isn’t good.

January 24, 2017

I came into the New Year with a bit of disappointment about some things that weren’t fulfilled last year. Honestly, I felt angry, not at God, but because I believe in His promises. I went to God and told Him that I trusted Him to fulfill every promise. Recently, I was listening to a word from a prophet who declared, “First, the things that you possessed but lost will be restored. Second, the things that you never laid hold of, but belonged to you, will be returned. Lastly, the things that you never asked for are going to be given to you.” On New Year’s Day, someone came to me and offered to be my stylist and do my hair for free. The following Sunday, another person blessed my husband and me with a financial seed. The next day, as I was at home cleaning, I found a tin that had money and gift cards that I had misplaced from Christmas 2015! Later, I had a taste for some of the candy leftover from my birthday in September, but I didn’t think I had any left. God led me to the exact spot in my house where the candy was. People laugh when I give this testimony, but I don’t minimize anything that God does for me. I praise Him for everything. On a separate day, I went to visit my husband at his office, and as he was cleaning up, he found four checks that had never been cashed. You cannot tell me that our God isn’t good. I stood on the promises of God and believed that they would come to pass, and they did! God is truly faithful. Amen. JG

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