Submit Your Testimony

If your life has been changed significantly because of your Christian faith, we would like to hear about it! We are looking for real life examples of how a relationship with God has made a difference in your life. As you tell us how your faith has helped you, we believe your story could help others.

As you tell us your story, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Testimonies should be no longer than 800 words.
  • Submitted content will be edited for spelling, clarity and concision.
  • All Scripture quotes must be properly referenced including book, chapter, verse and version/translation.
  • Not all submissions will be chosen for publishing.

5 thoughts on “Submit Your Testimony

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  1. Two weeks ago the Holy Spirit told me to sow a certain amount of money into Dr. Joyce life and to put it in her hand. I looked around the front of the church after service & I didn’t see her, but I saw Dr. Cedric. I thought well I can just give the money to him. The Holy Spirit told me I told you to give it to Dr. Joyce. Then the scripture that says obedience is greater then sacrifice came to my mind. So I looked all around the church, even went to Dr. Joyce office she was not there. I finally ask one of Dr. Cedric security team members did he know where she was? He told me and I went to the area he suggested, and there she was, so I put the money in her hand like I was told to do by the Holy Spirit.
    Two days after I had sown into Dr. Joyce life I received an unexpected check for $260.00, then I put my hand in my hoody pocket and $32.00 was in my coat and I had just had the hoody on a couple of days before that and I don’t remember leaving any money in there, I put all my money in my wallet where it belongs not my pockets, so I came up with a total of $292.00 almost 3x’s the amount I had sown.
    One thing I know for sure God’s word is true. God is not trying to take money from you He is trying to get it to you. The principle of sowing & reaping will never fell, it is the word of our Mighty GOD.
    Valarie Moore

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