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Fully Furnished Home for Me.

March 23, 2018

I have prayed and stood on the Word of God for provision, as taught by my awesome pastors, Drs. Cedric and Joyce Oliver. For five months last year, I was homeless; today, I am living in a fully furnished, brand new home that God gave me! I do not pay NIPSCO because I prayed and asked God to let my home include utilities, and He answered my prayers. He is so faithful! B. Jones



No Weapon!

January 16, 2018

I spoke the Word of God and believed it when the enemy tried to send a cough and cold symptoms my way. I was healed instantly. I praise God for supernatural healing. Amen. C. Holmes

I Passed the Bar Exam… by Faith!

December 3, 2017

In 2016, I graduated from law school, but I was experiencing difficulty in passing the bar. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said it was an issue with my faith. After listening to faith teachings from  Dr. Cedric, I passed the bar examination, and I am now an attorney. Praise God. Hallelujah! JC

I was about to leave church…But God

December 3, 2017

Recently, I came to service although I was experiencing numbness in my leg and arm. I was unable to sit still and was considering leaving the service, but the Holy Spirit told me to stay; I was obedient. Dr. Cedric prayed for me during the altar call, and I received my healing. I thank and praise God. Hallelujah! Yvette W.

Me? An Executive? Thank God!

December 3, 2017

Dr. Cedric asked 10 people to sow a $1,000 seed during the Kingdom Life Conference Oct. 1. I was obedient and sowed the seed. About a week or two later, my boss contacted me and said I was one of five people who were being recommended for a promotion. Later, I learned I was the only person chosen for a raise, and was promoted to an executive. I am now making $70,000 a year! To God be all the glory. Hallelujah! KR

Walking By Faith—It’s Awesome.

December 3, 2017

For several months I was inflicted with a pain in the left side of my head. In faith and not in fear, I went to the doctor for an examination. After several tests were taken, I was told that nothing was showing on my X-rays. I thank and praise God for my total healing. He is awesome! Amen. Janice H.

If something offends you in your house, get rid of it.”

October 8, 2017

tiles-bathroom-6.pngDr. Cedric said in one of his sermons, “If something offends you in your house, get rid of it.” I was tired of my bathroom floor and I began believing God for a new floor at little to no cost to me. One day I was led to write on my tithe envelope, “Bathroom floor.” Shortly after I began to sow seed for my harvest, the contractor who had done work previously on my home came by, and offered to give me some tile left over from a home on which he’d worked. The tile was in top condition and it matched my bathroom decor perfectly! I paid no out of pocket expense for my floors. Hallelujah! V. Moore