Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking…I received instructions from God to…

I was in a dark place. I had challenges with trust and addiction of drugs and alcohol, as a result, I was incarcerated. I was in fear that people were going to try to take my life because of the things that I had done. I had to put all my trust in God to save and deliver me. I began to pray to God and he gave me instruction through His word. I meditated on that word and fear left me. I use to spoke cigarettes to calm myself but I asked God to deliver me and he did. I tried to smoke but when I put the cigarette in my mouth it tasted like dirt, so I haven’t smoked since. I have also been delivered from addiction and was able to return home. I give God all the glory! Amen.
  R. Robinson

The Limp is Over…



I praised God for healing my body! I had 3 hip replacement and I was believing God that I no longer had a limp when I walk. I was praying during service and afterward I walked without pain or a limp! To God be the Glory!    -E. Irons.                   

The Devil Is A Liar!



On Halloween, I had to be at work early, I heated up some water for my tea in the microwave.  As I took the water our, it spilled on my entire forearm.  I was in excruciating pain! The Holy Spirit prompted me to put on my arm and pray. I was obedient and IMMEDIATELY THE REDNESS AND PAID SUBSIDED. GOD IS A HEALER AND I GIVE HIM ALL PRAISE AND HONOR! L. Harris   

I was one word away from my breakthrough…



Just from hearing the Word of God at Embassies of Christ,

I was healed of cancer and heart failure. I trusted, and I believe the Word of God.

Today, when Dr. Cedric prayed for my shoulder and laid hands on me, I was healed Immediately. The Power of Healing is real! Praise be to God! C. Holmes

I gave my mind to God and…


I was delivered from the spirit of depression. Dr. Cedric announced that God was delivering a woman from a heavy spirit of depression, during prayer. He told me to say, “God, I give you my mind.” I was obedient, and I immediately felt free!!! Praise God!!! -L. Brewer

The Devil Lied. Read more…


Approximately 8 weeks ago, I went to the doctor. During the visit, the doctor told me that she needed to test my blood for diabetes. She tested my blood and came back in and told me that I had diabetes. Immediately, I responded, “the devil is a lie!” I asked what I could do to get my levels down and she responded, “go vegan.” I left the doctor and decided I would trust God to heal me. I never spoke the doctor’s diagnosis. I meditated on and confessed healing scriptures. A couple weeks later, I was referred to another doctor and was told that my levels were normal! I praise God for healing me!



I was believing God to sow $500 for the Giving campaign.

I was believing God to sow $500 for the Giving campaign. The Lord instructed me to sow the money from the money I raised from an event that I gave. I was obedient and sowed the $500. Prior to sowing the seed, I was looking to receive some money, but had gotten a letter in the mail that said I wouldn’t be receiving it. The following day, I was doing some shopping at the grocery store and the Holy Spirit told me to check my bank balance. I was obedient and there was 7 times the amount that I had sowed!!! Glory to God!!!!!
S. Richardson

I can run, jump and skip and wear my heels.

A couple of weeks ago my leg was suddenly attacked and I was unable to move it. I had to physically take my hands and move my leg in and out of bed, the car, and I wasn’t able to wear heels for nearly a week. I began to speak the word and Dr. Joyce laid hands on me. Today is Sunday and I am able to wear my heels! My leg is healed! Praise God! M. ThomasKnee_Pain

$16,000 – I didn’t have it!

I was attacked in my body and was rushed to the hospital. Unbeknownst to me, I had no insurance. My bill was over $16,000! I stood on God’s word for a miracle debt cancellation. I received an unexpected letter in the mail stating that my total balance due on my hospital bill was $0! God is faithful! Amen. S. Danielshinnstickers

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